For many pet owners, the idea of cremation has not been thought of prior to the death of the family pet. Many may have buried childhood pets at home, or have not experienced the passing of a pet before. For some, home burial remains an acceptable option, but some pet owners live in areas where burial is not a practical option, or they may wish to be able to take the urn with them in the event of a move. It is important to understand that for some families, cremation can provide dignified after-death care for our animal companions.

  • Allied Veterinary Cremation’s focus is providing third-party cremation services to animal hospitals and veterinary clinics.
  • If your pet passes away at home, carefully wrap the animal in a blanket or towel, then take your pet directly to your regular veterinarian, who can provide you with assistance and information regarding cremation services.
  • We are pleased to provide services to many veterinary hospitals in Central Pennsylvania.  If your veterinarian does not utilize our services, ask them to “Think Local” and consider our services.
  • We do provide home-based services for a limited local area, with pricing generally comparable to that of your regular veterinarian.

A decorative, carved wooden urn is included with our Individual Cremation service.

Our “standard” urn is selected in one of several sizes to accommodate the remains of your pet. The finish on the urns does vary based on availability, but all urns have been selected to provide a decorative urn that the vast majority of our clients suits their tastes very well. These urns are hinged to allow you to easily view the cremated remains, if you choose, without having to turn them upside down or remove multiple screws. The cremated remains are enclosed in a plastic bag to prevent spills and are adorned with a hand-made paper rose and your pet’s name on the bag. A Memorial Card with your pet and family information and cremation date is also included. Your pet is identified throughout the cremation process by a numbered Cremation Authorization tag, which ensures that each’s pets remains are returned to his/her loving family.

What should I do if my pet passes away at home?

We are not open on weekends or holidays. If you prefer to leave us a message in the evening or over the weekend, your message will be returned on the next business day.

If your pet has passed away at home, first wrap the pet in a towel or blanket, and place it in a cool area of your home.  We recommend contacting your regular veterinarian’s office; they may have some weekend hours or may have staff available to receive the pet into the office.  You may also wish to contact one of the following organizations, who also utilize our cremation services and may be able to receive the pet into their office on weekends:

Please note, if your pet has been bitten by another animal (domestic or wild/feral), you must take the pet to your regular veterinarian or the Pennsylvania Veterinary Laboratory, to ensure that any necessary testing for rabies is performed, prior to arranging for cremation services.

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Pet Loss

After the death of a family pet, it is important to spend time grieving your loss. For some, the healing process may eventually include adding a new pet to the family. You may wish to consider adopting from a humane league or rescue organization.

For others, it may not be the right time to consider a new pet; donating your pet’s toys or water bowl, or other items on an organization’s “wish list,” may help you heal.

Grief/Loss Support

Products made from wood have inherent differences in grain pattern, color, tone & finish. Some types of wood have a grain pattern that will contribute to the finish looking darker or lighter in some areas. Due to these natural qualities, we cannot guarantee a match to the color/finish shown in example photos.

Urns made from various metals may also vary from the photos shown due to variations in the manufacturing process, and other minor imperfections may occur. Gray finishes in particular may be darker or lighter than shown, If you are hoping to match an existing urn, please send a photo for us to compare.

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