Pet Owners

For many pet owners, the idea of cremation has not been thought of prior to the death of the family pet. Many may have buried childhood pets at home, or have not experienced the passing of a pet before. For some, home burial remains an acceptable option, but some pet owners live in areas where burial is not a practical option, or they may wish to be able to take the urn with them in the event of a move. It is important to understand that for some families, cremation can provide dignified after-death care for our animal companions.

A decorative, carved wooden urn is included with our Individual Cremation service. 

Memorial Products

For pet owners interested in: Specialty urns and memorial products we offer the following selections.


Pet Loss

After the death of a family pet, it is important to spend time grieving your loss. For some, the healing process may eventually include adding a new pet to the family. You may wish to consider adopting a pet from a humane league or rescue organization.

For others, it may not be the right time to consider a new pet; donating your pet’s toys or water bowl, or other items on an organization’s “wish list,” may help you heal.

Please consider some of the organizations below:

For Grief/Loss Support: